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Submitted by Drakneel Ignotius on April 12, 2015
Character's Name
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Full name: Joh'Rakha Tigerbane-The Pale Tiger of the Chilling Cold.

Nickname(s): Frostbane Tiger (By the Frostveil Alliance), Furry Popsicle(Mostly called by that from Drak) or simply "Joh".

Gender: Male.

Species: Khajiit.

Age: 32.

Birthday/Year: N/A. (Because I have no idea how the Dates/Months/Years even work out in TES-Skyrim >XD.)
Birth-signThe Ice Tiger.

Religion: A believer in all of the Divines and Hircine.

Region, City or Town of birth: Born in Skyrim.

Parents/Guardians: Families(Including Parents)Deceased, now under the care and training of his mentor. 

Close Companion: Ariselle Auriarde: The Maiden of Light and Avian Soren: The Sliver-Wing Archer as well as Kasia(A Recent recruit to the Nova Lance Guild).
Frienemy/Friendly-Rival: Mostly Drak "Fire-Lotus" Ignotius-The Fierce Flame since the two of them are always at each others throats because of their differences from one another and Deadpool-The Walking Dead since he's always been a bothersome to Joh and Derkeethus Vastonia as well.
Members of the "Nova Lance" Guild.
The Collage of Winterhold.
The Frostveil Alliance.(Where he first trained on becoming a powerful Ice Mage)
The Companions.(After gaining the Were-Beast ability)
The Dark Brotherhood.
The Vokmen Gang.
The Thalmor.
Currently lives: Riverwood, beside the village in the Nova Lance Guild. (The mod is basically called "Castle Draco Riverwood")

Languages spoken: English of course and sometimes in Khajiit.

Affiliations: A Guild Member of the Nova Lance.

Relationship Status: N/A


Physical Appearance:

Height: 8'1 with Feline legs instead of humanoid legs.

Weight: 270 pounds.

Armor: Torso Arctic Elenium Armor with a marking of a blueish-white tiger roaring embedded on the chest, both gauntlets of Elenium and boots that are steel.

Weapon: "Blizzardfang and Frostmaw", Two Ice Enchanted swords with sharp edges on the both blades that emits a chilling feeling towards his enemies, capable of slashing onto his opponents that eventually leads to their very physical form to be encased in ice.

Fur Resemblance: Close to that of a Snow Tiger's own.

Fur Color: Pale White.
Eye Color: Azure Cyan.

Scars: A three scar below his right eye as well as a large blade like scar embedded on his chest.

Preferred style of clothing: Prefers mostly on Light Armors or Medium Armor.



Smoker?: No

Drinker?: Loves Ale.

Drug User?: Hates Drugs.

Addictions: Likes to have ice in his drinks all the time.

Allergies: N/A

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: N/A

Any medication regularly taken: N/A


Personal Response:


Personality: Has a very laid back personality. He's rather calm and is also intelligent, but sometimes gets a little to cocky and is rather reckless when in battle and like Drak, he too has a problem of going a bit overboard. Even thought, he does have the confidence of being strong enough to protect his new family as well as protecting the people of Skyrim.
Likes: Enjoy's training to progress his Ice Magicka to rival that of Drak's own Fire Magicka while taking the interest of poetry in secrecy and loves to be near cold environments with the addition of brawling with several of his fellow guildmates.

Dislikes: Doesn't exactly enjoy the heat from the sun while putting a hood over his face as well as having a rather dislike towards slavery and hates politician laws as well and really doesn't get along with Drak so much.

Fears/phobias: Mostly Ariselle when he, Derkeethus or Drak are intimidated by her angry looks.

Favourite colour: Azure Blue.



Class: Duel-Wield Knight/Ice Mage.

Talents/skills: Mostly a Duel-wielder with fast reflexes and a talented in the arts of using ice to his advantage as well as having a more tactical position of long range Ice attacks with his Frost-spikes or even close range Ice Attacks that can be dangerous to deal with.

Peaceful or aggressive attitude: Very aggressive against enemies, but rather peaceful then killing his enemies so long as they don't try to double cross him.

Favorite Magicka or other Power:
  1. Freeze: One of his common or basic based Magicka attack, but never the less one of his most useful ability towards any foes advancing too close to him to freeze them into a state of frozen statues.
  2. Mastered Frostbite Destruction Magic: Unleashing torrents of blizzard cold upon his enemies.
  3. Mastered Wall of Frost Magic: Being able to form a defensive wall made of strong Ice that neither normal Novice to Expert based Magic attacks can break through.
  4. Master Frost Cloak Magic: Being able to form a twister of ice as a barrier that's able to freeze against charging enemies and incoming projectile.
  5. Frost Floor: Capable of freezing the entiretly of the floor to where it would stagger the enemies or freeze them in their exact position.
  6. Frost Shields: Capable of forming portable Ice-formed shields to negate incoming projectile assaults.
  7. Ice Dummies: Able to create lesser versions of himself in combat against multiple enemies when he's on his own.
  8. Frozen Geyser: Freezing the ground in front of him, he's able to creates a tower of ice spikes that impales opponents, greatly damaging them but not killing them if he decides to add a bit mor power into it.
  9. Blizzard fists: Able to freeze both of his hands to do extra damage towards foes in close combat.
  10. Frost Claws: Both hands eventually being able to shape into razor sharp claws of ice that can slash through the toughest of armor and unleash barrage of ice spikes from the fingertips.
  11. Frost Armor: Capable of creating a set of frost-like armor that can negate oncoming Projectiles of either mere or Magicka.
  12. Chillrend Lash: An enchanted ability from both weapons that allows him to unleash blade like cycles rapidly at enemies.
  13. Frost Cannon: Able to mold a Cannon-like weapon that fires cannonball's made of magicka ice to deal massive damage to his opponent.
Werebeast/Vampiric Ability: Has the ability to transform into a White-fur Were-Tiger.

Weaknesses: Needs to stay close towards cold parts around Skyrim to keep his Ice Magicka as strong as possible as well as being vulnerable to silver in his Frost Were-Tiger form.
Based On
Are Mods Used

((Khajiit Overhaul))


((TERA Armors and Weapons))


((Eye Pack))


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