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Submitted by Drakneel Ignotius on June 6, 2015
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< Personal Quote: "...The better question is...are you bastards ready to make an enemy out of me...?"


< Name: Drak 'Nostromee.


< (Optional) Nickname: Often called by the nickname of Commander Nova, often referred as the Flame-Lotus or as so far even named as the Dragon due to his abnormal abilities from Project ASCENDANCE


< Primary Theme: The Product - Make Your Move 


< Secondary Theme: Charm City Devils - Unstoppable 


< Tertiary Theme: Story of the Year - Wake Up 


< Gender: Male...


< Age: Uncertain...is somewhat educatively guessed to be around his late Thirties or Fourties.


< Race: Vorahkheili.


< (Optional)Voice: Somewhat similar to an average carefree individual, in which is close to Troy Baker.


< Personality: Due to spending most of his times of adapting into Human culture after managing to disband from the Covenant during the Great Schism, he alone has developed several traits that would display Nova as a carefree with a sarcastic humor towards temporary or permenant allies. Although there would also be moments that he's labeled as a reckless type of person whose only interests is bashing his foes to the ground and destroying anything that gets in his way or looks at him wrongly, often not listening to any superiors even in his Covenant years as many soldiers of any factions often view him as an unruling Mercenary. Often displaying a great deal of free-wheeling personality regardless of his Sangheilian approach, taking out War Lords and Terrorists based on his own sense of justice. Even going so far as insulting the Citadel Council for not doing anything about the threat that is approaching towards their doorsteps with a countless legion of Reapers.


< Relationships: Single. ((Has been known to a great deal of a romantic affection towards the Commander, although this affection has been considered in his point of view as Unrequited after seeing the Lieutenant and the Commander have a relationship with one another after the downfall of Saren))


< Source of anger: Can be enraged if one is ever to commit something that goes against what Nova believes, much of which would be the basic that a man should never hurt a woman or a Superior should not sacrifice his men even if its for the betterment of winning a war. But above all others, the sight of Shepard shedding a tear after being broken by her enemies is the crucial moment that such a beast as Nova will unleash his prime power against the abusers.


< Weight: 935 lbs (Without Armor), 3,899 lbs (With Armor).


< Height: 9'10 Feet Tall(With Armor), 7'44 Feet Tall (Without Armor).


< Build: In average terms, he's known to posses abnormal athletic attributes with average shape muscular body and six packs.


< (Optional) Skin Tone: Draconic darkish skin, with a hint of red streaks against his chest and numerous parts of his body with the exception of his muzzle and face. (The Mark on the back of his neck does not count)


< Facial Features: Is known to posses approximately around three scars embedded to his left eye.


< Hair color: Irrelevent since he's a bipedal reptilian Saurian.


< Eye color: A deep shade of crimson, in which the pupil alone is deep onyx in the shape of a deathly serpent-like slit.


< Helmet: Ultra (A bladed­shape scar is located upon the left side of his helmet, indicating his battle with an Second Generation Ascendant Member that went by the name of Barodious Cerebrus).


< Visor Optics: Crimson Red.


< Chest Armor: Ultra.


< Right Shoulder Piece: Ultra Pauldron.


< Left Shoulder Piece: Ultra Pauldron (With the Insignia of a Dragon and a Flame).


< Gauntlet Armor Piece: Hybrid Ultra Gauntlet/Razor Talons (The exact same as the "Dragon Age 2 Champion Mage Armor Gauntlet").


< Leg Armors: Ultra (Holographic Color replaced with red).


< Primary Colour: Onyx­-Titanium.


< Secondary Colour: Crimson Red.


< Faction: Has shown several occasions of assisting any Outer Colonies that have been raided for sometimes by common bandits or Kig-Yar Pirates without the protection of any militia, and has once more displayed many of these factions in this new universe of protecting colonists from onslaught raids from Blood Pack Bandits festering like moths to a flame. Eventually it didn't take long until the Commander of the newly developed Normandy Warship recruited him among the crew as a vital backhorse in hopes of interrupting Saren Arterius plan to unleash hell.


< Extras: Is considered by most witnesses or spectators who have seen Nova in action, they often describe him to be an incredibly powerful individual that is not to be aggitated even at the slightest if the unfortunate victim does not wish to deal with an easily short­tempered genetically altered killing machine.


< Rank: Was once rumored to have been part of the Covenant Fleet as a Royal Zealot, but has eventually stray away and have been reduced to a common yet feared Mercenary.


< Weapon: Rebellious Spark: A Modified MA37 Assault Rifle, Crimson Blaze: A Crimson Ionized Energy Sword and Dragon's Bane: An Ionized Energy Blade.


< Weapon Attachments: Holographic Sight with a Designation Laser attach to the left side of the massive weapon and a Shotgun Barrel located on the top whilst each rounds are composed of Incendiery...


< Armor Abilities (AA): Sprint or Evade.


< Genetic Augmentation: During his participation within the ASCENDANCE Project that took many years for the Covenant to perfect during the Human/Covenant War to turn the tides in the alliance of Forerunner worshippers, only Nova and a handful of chosen participants have manage to undergo the process and survive while a hundred more weren't as fortunate to endure the agonizing pain it is known to happen if one was not worthy. From all that time of being experimented on to perfect the perfect warriors, Nova alone has aqcuired a unique set of abilities that had been implanted from the back of his head to harness and control the elemental ability commonly known as Fire to his advantage upon the battlefield. And in return of using much of his abilities, he can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. Nova's ability to devour flames gives him an immunity to most types of flames and allows him to spew fire from his lungs. The heat of his fire can increase in temperature, which is proportional to Nova's emotional state, often using his this ability in combination with punches, kicks, and even headbutts, to combat his opponents to great effect. 


< Skills: Nova has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of strength, enough for him to perform a number of physical feats, among which are freely swinging around the mass of a Warthog as a makeshift weapon, whilst managing to slam his fist through a harden titanium steel without an issue. His speed and reflexes are often known to be incredibly impressive on a high caliber for an individual abnormally large than that of an average Sangheili, completely hightened that its enough for him to close great distances in a blink of an eye and dodge swift attacks. And throughout countless battles, be it against the his own brethren, The Storm Covenant, Humanity themselves or even the horrifying Flood and the battle-hardened Forerunner killer Constructs known as Prometheans...Nova has proven himself to be incredibly durable to take on anything. He has managed to take continual, deadly assaults from foes and continue  fighting. Even on his own he had managed to accomplish the impossible of defeating a Reaper on his own with the assistance of his abnormal powers exceeding that of any Biotic users.


< Weakness: Regardless of the abnormal traits he's gained during his time in Project ASCEDNANCE as the next step of super-soldiers with abnormal powers beyond imagining, Nova is incredibly suspectile towards any freezing area's whilst being somewhat too confident whether his powers would be sufficient enough to take on anything in his path without knowing the potential threat that could be ahead. And has also been stated by several witnesses that a Forerunner Energy Drain is effective enough to force him down onto his knee's, and has what most people have seen to have a weak gut whenever boarding any ground transportation, leading towards a bad case of motion sickness.


< Role: Due to his last moments with the Covenant Empire and eventually alongside with a Mercenary Clan that had accepted him as one of their own, he alone would often be participating as a damage supporter against impossible odds. Proving himself to be a potential combatant on the field of bullets, plasma and chaos. And as time past, he took it upon himself to be a Commander of his own Squadron of Mercenaries composed of several known races. 

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