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Submitted by Drakneel Ignotius on April 12, 2015
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Full name: Drakneel "Fire-Lotus" Ignotius-The Fierce Blaze.

Nickname(s)Drak(His short-name) Dovahkiin(By the Dragons), Dragonborn(By the residents of Skyrim after the secondary Dragon assault near one of the Watch-Towers), The Flamevell Dracon(Being titled by those who respect and fear him), (These nicknames being named by Joh)Hot Breath, Lizard Face, Scaly Moron,(And this name being labelled in the Dragon Tongue) Faal Yol Dovah Kriid(I'll let you guys solve this out.)

Gender: Male.

Species/Race: Argonian(Ember-Saxheel).

Age: Unknown.

Birthday/Year: N/A due to having no recollections of his past life. (Because I have no idea how the Dates/Months/Years even work out in TES-Skyrim >XD.)


Birth-signThe Fire Dragon.

Religion: A believer in Akatosh, Hircine and Talos.

Region, City or Town of BIRTH: Possibly born from Blackmarsh, but eventually got lost in the outer borders of Tamriel that eventually led him towards Skyrim.

Parents/Guardians: Was currently taken in by Faalwuthken, an Ancient Fire Dovah who later on disappeared one day and had never returned.

Close Companion: His Half-Brother Derkeethus, Lyana and Delroth: A Red Drake about the size of a Sabrecat.



Members of the "Nova LanceGuild.
The Reformed Blades. 
The Companions. 
The Rebel Dragons.
The Stormcloaks(Former)

Paarthurnax: Leader of the Rebellion. 
Ohdahviing: Ex-Member of the Loyalist Dragons and now loyal to the Rebellion. 
Durnehviir: The Undead Dragon of the Soul Cairn. 
The Divines/The Aedra's.
Hircine: Daedric Prince of the Hunt


Frienemy/Friendly-Rival: Mostly with  Joh'Rahka Tigerbane and Ariselle Auriarde as well as the other Dragonknights, Vahstak Raxion and Soreth Nightscale.

Dorahk Bloodlust: The Vampiric Argonian Dragonknight

Mannimarco: Leader of the Wyrm Cult. 

Osmudahl Shorahn: The Demon of Eternal Knightmares. 

Harkon: Lord of the Vampires. 

Olaf-One Eye: Lord of the Draugrs. 

Potema: The Wolf Queen. 

Miraak: The First Dragonborn.

The Thalmor.
The Stormcloak.

The Dark Brotherhood.

The Daedric Princes

The Loyalist Dragons.

Molag Bal: Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement.
The Ten Vulaak Dragons of Annihilation.

Alduin: The World Eater.

Currently lives: Somewhere hidden within the mountains where he and the rest of his Guildmates positioned themselves. (The mod is basically called "Castle Draco")

Languages spoken: Sometimes speaks in English, but above all mostly in the Tongues of Dragons when around Dragon's.

Affiliations/Faction/Guild: Once part of the Stormcloak Rebellion after the Jarl of Windhelm: Ulfric Stormcloak betrayed them, A Guild Member of the infamous Nova Lance Guild, Harbinger of the Companions and of course a Champion of Hircine.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Gains a romance interest with an Imperial name Lyana Valeria whose been his first friend after joining the guild, but eventually lost it after her death by the hands of the Stormfists. Then gains it back after coming across Serana Volkihar: Daughter of the Coldharbour where they take their relationship by starting off as friends, after the defeat of Harkon and Serana joining the Nova Lance where she begins to understand what it feels like to have a family once again, both Drak and Serana eventually begin to be closer towards one another, but never truly admitted their feelings towards one another after the downfall of Miraak and the Rise of the Dragons along with their Lord, Alduin...

Physical Appearance:

Height: 7' 11' with hind-draconic legs instead of humanoid legs.(In Were-Dragon Form he's over 9'10' Tall O_O, scary)

Weight: 250 pounds.

Armor: Torso Champion Mage Armor(The Champions Mage Armor from "Dragon Age Two".) One sided Champion Mage Gauntlet with razor sharp talons(Gauntlet arm being colored dark-steel), a Sleeveless side with a fingerless red glove to show off his Argonian razor sharp claws and Champion Mage BOOTS that show off his Raptor-like talons.

Weapon: "Dragon's Blaze", A long crimson Fire Enchanted Dragon-like great-sword with the a Dragon's head at the end of the Swords handle with Dragon Language embedded to the blade. (Translation: "The Burning-Blade that SEARS away the Corrupted Hearts...".)

Horn Colors: Ebony.

Horn Style: Two large horns pointing straight of the back of his head(With the tips point a little down.), bits of horns heading down his vertebrate as well as a three rows on his draconic like eyebrow.(Basically I'm using the "Drachis Mod" to make my Argonian look more Dragon-like.)


Eye Color: Crimson Red, the iris itself being pure Onyx.

Scales: Rough Dragon like scales on the very center of his torso as well as on his back with a few on both sides on his saurian thighs.

Scale Color: Darkish Crimson scales.

Scars: Three large scars on his left eye.

Preferred style of clothing: Prefers mostly on Heavy armory during his younger times, until gaining the interest of his latest Champion armor. Off days he'd usually wear a sleeve jacket exposing his left arm and some leather pants.

Frequently worn: A necklace that once belong to Lyana as well as a pitch black scarf completely wrapping itself around his neck.


Smoker?: By that you mean the smoke coming out of his nose and mouth when he's ready to unleash his flames on his opponent just to reduce them into a mass of charred flesh. Then I guess that's a yes.

Drinker?: Mostly enjoys Mead.

Drug User?: Does not like Drugs, only destroys them.

ADDICTIONS: Just loves sleeping in fire, he takes it from his Father after gaining the Dragonknight Magicka...

ALLERGIES: None in particular so far.

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Have's no records of his memory of any of past life or any recollections of his Parents, only having finding himself near an abandoned Aylied Temple.

Any medication regularly taken: N/A



Personal Response:


PERSONALITY: He is a rather optimistic Argonian, never seeing a downside to anything. He's very reckless when it comes to a battle of accidentally going a bit overboard, but he's always been the type to make it through impossible odds and try to avoid hurting anyone. He too has a fire of adventurous spirit that burns bright in his heart. This will often lead him, however, to make a hasty decision, often leading to the event of earning three large scars on his eye while defending Lyana from an ambush by a Hag-Raven, he is fiercely loyal for the rest of his life and cherishes his friends as his own family that he desires to protect with all of his life and strength. He also loves to eat spicy food along with fire and the fact that he's always fired up when it comes to going out on quests or having a brawl.

Peaceful or aggressive attitude: Aggressive only against those who dare threaten his friends/family, his Guild or himself and vows the eradicate them if they ever dare bring harm to them. Even if its an Imperial or Stormcloak ARMY who views his Guild as a threat, a Daedric Lord who seeks to conquer the world or even the Divines themselves who have damned them, he would vanquish and punish those who dare lay a hand on his Guild.

Likes: He always the type to go out on a quest in search of glory and fame, hunting Animals to bring back for food, likes to stay out in the sun, is fund of sleeping in the fire pile while its still active and loves a good brawl with his fellow Guildmates as well as with the Companions.

Dislikes: Most likely he doesn't take the joy of Assassins from the Dark Brotherhood Guild and other Mercenary-Guilds that only involves killing for blood-stained earned Septims, doesn't like Daedric Princes because of their wicked ways and their crazed worshipers (Besides Azura and Hircine who he's gained to trust on) and of course hates Racism by those who don't take kindly to foreigners, including the Thalmor Embassy who brag about how they are much more superior than others and the Imperial Legions for trying to chop his head off.

Fears/phobias: Mostly Ariselle when he, Derkeethus, Vahstak, Soreth or Joh'Rahka are intimidated by her angry looks when they are needed to stop lollygagging in the Guild or causing a brawl that could tear it down.

Favourite colour:  Darkish-Crimson Red.




Class: Two-Handed Templar Warrior/Master Fire Mage/Efficient Fire Dragonknight/Dovahkiin(Dragonborn).

Talents/Techniques: Mostly a Two-handed wielder with fast reflexes and a talented in the arts of using fire to his advantage as well as mastering the Way of the Voice.


Favorite Magicka or other Power:

Searing Strike: The Enchanted ability from 'Dragon's Blaze' that's enough to wipe out a band of bandits with a single swipe that sends out a wave of searing crimson flames.

Flame Dracon Roar: Somewhat close to the Yol Toor Shul Shout Attack, but can be blocked by Mastery Magicka 'Wards'.

Flame Dracon Leap: Being able to sprout Fiery Draconic Wings and use them as flight assistance as well as for blocking and colliding onto the ground that creates an explosion that staggers large opponents and eradicates those unfortunate.

Flame Dracon Armor: Enchanted Scales built for resisting strong none-Fire Magicka.

Flame Chain Assault: Multiple chains with Draconic facials at the tip of the chains end that's capable of piercing through Daedric Armor and shatter through Mastery Wards.

Flame Dracon Talon: Encased Fired up-Hands that can be use for punching techniques when facing in an close-up combat and can shatter through tough armor, as well as breaking through Dragon Scales and damage Dark, Shadow or Daedric type of enemies.

Flame Dracon Slash: Like Draconic Talon Strike, this ability grants him with the same damage with the exception of the magicka being transfered towards his leg for him to set ablaze.

Flame Dracon Whip: Whip like flames capable of slashing through rows of oncoming enemies with several whip lashes that can be dangerous up close.

Flame Dracon Scale: Enhance Draconic Scales that can hold off the toughest of sharp or thickest metal like swords and arrows.

Flame Dracon Inhale: Being able to devour any sort of flames to restore his HEALTH, Stamina and Magicka.

Mastered Fireball Destruction Magic: Able to unleash Fire-like Projectiles at long-range distance that can be devastating when it meets contact with its target.

Mastered Flame Cloak: Able to shroud himself in a field of searing Fire that burns away any enemies that gets too close and reduces them into charred bodies.

Ultimate Magicka:

Yol Toor Shul: Being able to unleash torrents of flames that can destroy anything in its path, even Mastery Magicka 'Wards' are ineffective against it and shatter through the harden scales of a Dragon's hide.

Infernity-Lotus: Fire Dragon Rapid Strike: Able to rapidly punch his target or possibly more in large groups, with his hands lit ablaze, creating a fiery explosion after each subsequent contact.

Infernity-Lotus: Fire Dragon Exploding Blaze: By building up enough Magicka through this entire body and straight onward into his two upper limbs, he wipes his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of flames that barrages his targets of either Mortal or Supernatural. 

Infernity-Lotus: Fire Dragon Sword Horn: It engulfs his entire body in flames and then propels himself against the opponent at high speed, hitting his opponents with a powerful headbutt. And then proceeds to send the enemy flying up in the air with a pillar of fire produced from his body.

Infernity-Lotus: Fire Dragon Dazzling Sphere: By combining both flames of his left and right, then brings them together to create a fiery explosion when it meets impact, leaving a destructive mess that's capable enough to destroy an entire ARMY of foot soldiers foolish enough to meet the inferno blaze. 

Fire Dragon Drive: The final stage of the Dragonknight of increasing every attack to a more devastating level that could easily eradicate an ARMY of Daedra's with one Flame Dracon Roar Attack and is even more destructive when using the Yol Toor Shul Shout that could clear an hording force of lesser Dragons, although this form takes up too much of his Magicka that will reduce him into an exhausted state, leaving him only up to Fifteenth minutes to make every attack count.

Were-Beast/Vampiric Ability: Ability to transform into a Urak-Dovah: A Were-Dragon at will. (Using the "Were-Dovah Mod" Its just awesome.) but at the Full moon the power of the Urak-Dovah takes over him and GRANTS him large bony wings.

Weaknesses: Can't exactly handle Horker Meat since it causes a major ache in his stomach and of course silver hurts him in his Urak-Dovah Form as well while having a nasty case of motion SICKNESS when it comes to boarding none-living transportation.

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